Trent Wieties cheats on Sarah Wieties – use fake name David Peterson

I was contacted on Tinder app by Trent Wieties. He told me his name was David Peterson. He told me he was single and divorced after being cheated on for years by his ex-wife who he called Sarah. He said he would go out of town for military service and she would cheat the whole time he was away. He was very good at relating to my issues telling me about his 2 boys and even sending me pics of them. He told me about his crazy ex stalking him and ruining every relationship he tries to have. We texted a lot and snapped most of the time. We talked for weeks before he convinced me to meet him. We met one afternoon at a hotel room he got for us, as we live almost 4 hours away and met half way. Then after we met and I tried to call him, his number was never answered, I texted called and snapped and was completely ignored. I tried everything I could think of to try and get in touch with him but it was like he disappeared. I tried googling him with all the stuff I could find in my texts and I finally saw a picture that was him. Surprise to me his name is Trent or Trenton Wieties and he is married and cheating on his spouse who is Sarah Wieties. I can’t believe I fell for this. I was used for Sex and by an habitual cheater. I can’t believe how easy I was to trick and how many others he has tricked into the same thing. Everyone needs to know what he is doing so they aren’t duped by this POS. He lives in Collinsville, IL and I hope everyone knows what he has been doing and stays clear of him.

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