Lead8 senior sssoc director hiv+ Maciej Igor Setniewski – How I Infect every Asian’s A$$ who walks into the HuTong Sauna!

Lead-8 interior design senior associate director White Supremest, Maciej Igor Setniewski who is also a Rice Queen obsessed with gay asians. He has a complex so he thrives to be in charge in bed, in life. There is a place where he likes to impress and scout FWB friends with benefit for his home-$ex-nest $exual escapades. The place is called MongKok HuTong Gay Sauna in Kowloon, Hong Kong. His ritual is heavily loaded with CHEM, GHB, crystal Meth to sky high with BlueV pill. He stays inside this sauna’s mild-hot but foggy fucggy steamroom until dawn. He often brags he has miss one a$$, he [email protected]@cks [email protected] every single gay asian who comes in his sight . One friday evening he would infect at least a dozen boys. This person is a monster. Undetachable only when regular meds are taken with enough sleep and no drug-parties… 週五好彩又肯排隊入九龍旺角胡同蒸氣桑拿,”性神米后–孖廁”唔理好醜肥老嫩瘦最緊要係就手專業Asian 0號,都會一個不留逐個Chem𨳒,一定唔帶套咁放工𨳒到閂門包爽𨳒到你射! 想破世界健力士紀錄大全 個個有份 永不落空 連車費果嗰二百零蚊抵到爛啦

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