Johnny Juan-Shortest in all ways but Biggest LIAR in Seattle!!!

This so called man Johnny Juan from Seattle who works for King County Metro is a big LIAR!! He had been living a double life on me. I have endured him hitting and spitting on me because I was accusing him sleeping around behind my back. He would get angry and explode on me, telling me he isn’t sleeping with anyone else but me. Ultimately I was right so I took those hits for nothing. He has urinary incontinence that happen when he sleeps. He gave me a STD from sleeping around with a girl who also works for King County Metro. He tried to switch it on me accusing me of sleeping around. Since he is a narcissist he was gaslighting me to me thinking I had low self esteem and I was being paranoid for me to think he was messing around me. That girl knew we were living together but she didn’t care and continued to see Johnny Juan. He probably lied to her about me as well. This man has short man ego problem cause he tells everyone he is 5’5 inches tall when he is really only 5’2. He has told lies about me to everyone so they think I am some crazy person but they didn’t know Johnny Juan was lying to me and still intimate with me. He will prey on women who have their own place so he can move in with them since he has 4 kids so paying all that child support doesn’t leave him with much left to get his own place. That’s why he is living at his mother’s house and he is almost 50 years old. Run away if you see this man cause his package is as big as his hands which he wears a size small in gloves!! Ultimately he will charm you to make you believe him and fall under his spell like that dumb girl did!

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