Jermaine Sevowicz – Los Angeles, California

He looks for women online dating sites that have a good job. He tells them he’s in love and wants to move in with them. He moves between California, Texas, Louisiana, and Miami Florida (his “hometown”) he will leave on woman for the next when he can’t control her bank account or her! He becomes very violent when be doesn’t get his way. He’s currently on probation for Domestic violence out of Long Beach CA. Do not trust him, he has multiple phones, emails, and women. His baby momma#3 is his biggest cheerleader whom has his back regardless of his lies and cheating, even on her! Stay away from him. He’s nothing but a narcissistic liar!

2 thoughts on “Jermaine Sevowicz – Los Angeles, California

  1. This should be called the bitter Bitch and nigga club. Damn you exposing people because they don’t want you? 🤣🤣🤣 Lol and the lonely, bitter bitch who wrote the post Gigi Rigdell a.k.a sevowicz a.k.a martinez. Not only were you married when you started dating this man (cheater) but you were married to a black man when you magical produced a white son. Damn near 30 years later and you still can’t figure out who your sons real father is. (cheater) I dont think you should be concentrating on a relationship that has been over for over a year. Spend your golden years finding your sons father. Don’t you think he deserves to know who his father is? Make better choices. This relationship is over, flatlined, expired, code blue. Move on!!!!! You looking “Pathetic ” and desperate. not a good look boo boo.

    1. Awww boo boo this must be his man bitch that looks like a fucking man. Treemanisha Woods bitch dont nobody want Jermaine sevowicz aka Jay Phoenix lying ass but you bitch. You worship the fucking ground he walks on if he says jump bitch you like how high. You cant talk shit bitch with you no having ass hair bitch gotta wear weave cuz you bald bitch shut your ass up you baby momma number 6 or 8 bitch that fool got some damn kids he dont take care of!

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