Darren Ambler/ Sex & Drug Addict-Herpes-Sociopath- DNA- Paternity Confirmed- Child Support for Danny- Prostitute- Cherry Hill-NJ:

DANIEL AARON AMBLER will soon live the life he deserves. My Angel will have the very best of everything: Single Mothers out there do not be afraid- go after Child’s Dead-Beat Daddy for support monies. You and your precious child deserves it! They have to pay or else- the Courts will make their lives quite Miserable!

I Can see Myself opening those Child “Support” Checks now. Very Shortly the checks will be arriving in the mail once the hearing is concluded. I can see it now PAY TO THE ORDER OF- DANIEL AARON AMBLER. Now My Danny will have all the wonderful thing that he deserves. DNA is a lifesaver.

It is only natural that Darren Ambler would be in denial again. Anything that is unpleasant or paints Darren in a bad light of course he will deny and try to make himself believe the terrible things he has done are just not true. But- we all know better don’t we?

As soon as my “Brilliant Lawyer” returns from his little mini-vacation he will process the paperwork for the hearing. I am not threatening Darren, I am merely stating the facts and what will take place as a result. I am so glad I had the DNA testing done. I always speculated that Danny was Darren Ambler’s child and now I know for sure.

The facts speak for themselves. The facts are Darren Ambler is mentally unstable- addicted to Sex- Pornography and an array of Drugs. Darren Ambler loves dirty and graphic disgusting sex. He gets off on abusing women through degrading sex- oral sex and name calling. Darren’s problems go far beyond just not having any class- scruples or moral fiber.

We need to present evidence so that a Judge rules that Danny gets support but Darren can have no visitation rights. Darren Ambler is a bad influence and an unfit parent. Also- a strong possibility Darren Ambler will lose custody of the two (2) kids he had with his former wife. Darren does not deserve anything let alone custody!

All I have to say is get that check book ready Baby! Pen in hand and write those checks baby! Mental illness or no mental illness Darren will have to Pay for his Danny no matter what. By the way “Herpes” can be verified with a simple subpoena to Darren’s primary care physician. They must comply! Darren’s Lies are now as useless as he is!

All these months denying Danny food- health care and the things he well deserves. All that is about to change,,

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