Darren Ambler-Prostitute- Sociopath- Sex & Drug Addict-Brain Damage-Herpes Carrier- DNA- Paternity Confirmed/ Child Support Hearing Pending:

DARREN SCOTT AMBLER- is 41 years old and he is a Notorious and well-known sex predator- sex addict- Drug abuser- Pornography addict and abuser of women. Darren uses women for Sexual pleasure only and he is Gross and quite Disgusting from head to toe (including FACE). He has beaten- harassed- humiliated -stalked and raped women emotionally and physically- Darren is plain no good scum with no morals- scruples- class and his breath is a real killer. He is just Hateful- Evil and Selfish. Darren will force Drugs upon you and force you into dirty and graphic SEX. Darren truly loves ‘HEROIN”- “COCAINE”- “WEED”- “ACID” – ALL PILLS AND PLENTY OF BOOZE. DARREN AMBLER seems to become more abusive when he is high. I do not think i ever saw Darren straight. He is always stoned on drugs – booze and Pornography. a Classic Narcissistic- Control freak- Drug & Sex addict. He is low down with no manners- class- poise- breeding- moral fiber and he was born with no Conscience and of course no “Ding-Dong”.

Soon Darren Scott Ambler of Westbury Drive in Cherry Hill- Township NJ will pay dearly for his lies – his sexual and pornographic addictions and just for being a rotten- evil -vulgar – hateful piece of vile filth. Which the words i just used are not harsh enough for this sexual predator. Darren impregnated me and i am sure there are others out there that will come forward within the coming months. Also- Darren Ambler infected 13+ women with Herpes and Chlamydia. Herpes is not really fully curable and once you contract this you can have it for life. It can be treated and somewhat controlled but not ever really cured thanks to Darren “Sex Addict” Ambler. Also- Darren is responsible for one “Murder” or “Abortion” probably more. I wish someone should have aborted Darren and his ugliness and hatefulness 40+ years ago. The world would be a much better place right now.
Darren will pay child support weather he likes it or not: He will also have to answer some tough questions in front of a Judge. Good chance Darren Ambler will lose custody of the 2 kids he has now after the Judge hears evidence about Darren Ambler and his odd sexual behaviors and his addictions. Prostitutes are unfit parents that set bad examples. Besides the kids could catch one of his gross diseases. They should be Quarantined Immediately.
Darren Ambler is a Chronic Liar and has had sex with a multitude of women over the past few years. Darren screwed prostitutes- Mistresses- and just about anyone stupid enough to say SEX to this ugly geek. Darren Ambler has infected at least 13 women with Herpes and Chlamydia. Darren has no remorse and lives his life in Denial. He has brain damage from years of Drug abuse and Alcohol abuse. Darren Ambler would lie to GOD if he had to.
Darren Ambler has also impregnated at least 2 maybe more women. One women aborted the child for fear the baby may end up looking like Darren Ambler. Also- this women feared the baby could inherit Darren’s mental insanity and addictive disorders. SEX and DRUG addiction are serious disorders.
Darren Impregnated me and he is in Denial about the issue. Daniel Aaron Ambler is his Biological son and we plan to prove it in court. Darren will be forced to pay child support or they will go after him. I have a great Lawyer and we have “Full Proof ” evidence. Following my support hearing, the Judge may remove Darren Ambler’s two kids from his first marriage from his custody. Prostitutes- Liars- Drug abusers and Pornography addicts make bad parents. Prostitution is illegal and Judges do not like people who break the law either. Danny will have the “BEST” of everything. I will see to that. Darren can continue living in his Fantasy Land of Denial. That is his problem. If you screw then be prepared to pay baby!
See: http://www.reportcheatersonline.com/

www.exposecheatersonline.com (type Darren Ambler in search box)



Darren Ambler has been compared to Lucifer or the Devil on line by Religious Organizations. Lets say Darren is not a well like person at all for obvious reasons. He has only himself to thank for this: Law enforcement has been on Darren Ambler’s trail for at least 18 months or more……………………I m sure everyone would be happier if Darren moved away to another Land far removed from decent- moral- and well mannered persons. A Land where others have serious Infections like himself- a land where open and free sex takes place in the streets: a place where Darren can take drugs all day and flip out. A land where he won’t bother anyone else.

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