Cecilia (Ceci) Mena-Nasty Ceci Mena from Yakima!!

Ceci Mena from Seattle who works for King County Metro gave the man I been with named Johnny Juan from Seattle STD’s. She continued to sleep with him knowing I existed. She is 15 years his junior cause the man she is with is almost 50 years old and he has a urinary incontinence problem. He is a narcissist and a woman beater who gaslighted me to me thinking he wasn’t sleeping around behind my back. She is gullible to think Johnny is the one but yet if she was the one for him he would of stopped sleeping with me but he didn’t. He just manipulated her by buying her roses so she could forgive him. Reality is he just wanted to move out of his mom’s house and move in with her so of course he was going wine & dine her. Her dumbass fell for it. Her ex husband has a long rap sheet of crimes and has been in & out of jail. The house she lives in was hers and her ex husband who ran Meth through it. From the looks of what her ex husband looks like, of course she was going to cling on to a man who isn’t a gangbanger! Women beware of this girl cause she will sleep with your man regardless if he is with someone else. And Men, run away from this dirty girl and make her show proof she is clean. I wasn’t given a choice by the recklessness of her.

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