About Us

Welcome to cheaterxposed.com, a new website to post complaints on cheaters, liars and other forms of low-life individuals and businesses. You can let the world know if you’ve been wronged or taken advantage of, warning others about these individual or business predators. Cheaterxposed.com, is a website opened and owned by CyberExtortioner.com. We opened this site to put an end to clone websites like cheaterxposed.us whose sole purpose is to extort money from victims who’ve been listed on other sites, by means of scraping, not even bothering to remove watermarks. This is pure greed and extortion. They do no investigation, no mediation, just charge for removals which they, themselves have posted or scraped. This is totally illegal and we aim to put a stop to their shady practices. They also make false posts, on innocent people, just looking to cash in on the pain which they’ve inflicted by creating the fake posts to start with. Then they are bold and daring and charge for the phony post removals. Some of the websites these extortioners are scraping from include: thedirty.com, shesAhomewrecker.com, cheaterboard.com and others. They sleep well at night on the expensive pillows they purchase with the money you pay them.
Paying money to extortion websites like cheaterexposed.us to remove negative reviews? We track every single report posted on their websites. If a company or a person pays to get content removed, or pays them a fee to hide/bury negative reviews, we will find every single person who has ever had a negative experience with you or your company. Our team of SEO professionals will post those complaints on hundreds of search engine optimized web sites and bring all those negative reviews to the first page of Google and other search engines. You will destroy your reputaion if you chose to pay the extortioners at cheaterxposed.us, and others like them. A penny to improve your reputation with them will cost your reputation dearly. You might as well say it will be ruined forever. Remember! No money should ever be paid to these extortion websites, or you or your business will be completely DESTROYED!!! To put an end to this practice, we’ve cloned their website and, using a bot for tracking, we intend to relist everyone who pays these extortioners for removal. And, guess what, it will work like a charm since once you get listed with us, you cannot pay to be removed. The complaint will stay online forever ! Court orders will not work because these same bots will relist the posts, with new URL’s, rendering the court-ordered injunction moot. It will also rank higher in search results, making you an overnight celebrity in the negative category. Just a few things to consider if you decide to pay extortioners to be removed from their fake websites. While still being a site to make real complaints, we see too much abuse. Many cases of innocent people being extorted for their hard-earned dollars. This is the end for sites like cheaterxposed.us and others. Do yourselves a favor and don’t pay these extortioners a penny, it will cost you dearly in the end. Once you pay them, they just make up another fake post to keep you hostages to their greed and cruelty.